Thursday, August 21, 2014

Brazil Bound soon!

So I am loving every second of my mission thus far and the idea of going to Brazil has only fanned the flames within me and made me want to go a thousand miles an hour this week! Not much by way of successes but none the less I am stoked to be a missionary! I am with Elder Gamino now cause another missionary went home and so another elder needed a companion so they broke our trio up... kinda depressing but we still see each other often! It is killing me to think I will have to leave this branch behind!!

I love these members sooo much! Today we had the chance to go to the Temple. What a great blessing for me. It did a lot of good in calming my nerves!

Transfer calls are going to happen on Saturday so I am assuming President will let me know these next few days about the visa because for some reason he wont tell me.. probably cause he wants to avoid me getting "trunkie" even though I have known for like a month... oh well alls well that ends well! Love Yall!!

Lake Kaweah!!

Put your shoulder to the wheel!


The field is white, all ready to harvest!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bom Semana!

Haha man before I start into the week let me just say that this tri-companionship is the funniest thing ever.. I have never laughed sooo hard! The best part is the work that we are getting done! I could not ask for a better way to leave Fresno than how things are playing out right now! I am almost emotional thinking about leaving this place. I told my Branch President yesterday about My Visa and how I will be departing for Brazil soon. So he decides that at the end of Sacrament meeting to have me come up and give my testimony. Of course I am used to it by now, but for some reason when i got up to the pulpit I was nearly overcome with emotions which was super hard for me... No one else knows about the visa so I had to stay strong and not give away the sadness i felt! didnt want people thinking i was some softy for no reason;) But honestly I am going to miss this place sooo much! I will never forget the memories i made while here! So many stories, especially one of the greatest miracles I have ever seen that I will tell you about when i call at the airport! So many special and lasting moments that make missions soooooo worth it. The best line I heard this week came from an 18 year old thinking about serving a mission who said "Seeing the way you three act and enjoy your missions really makes me want to go!" and honestly its sooo true. If it isn't fun you are doing it wrong!! I Love you all!!

Monday, August 4, 2014


Haha so this week has been a fun one for sure. We had a lot of finding opportunities and found a pretty cool guy named Giovanni. He says he is a rapper so Elder Sims automatically loves him. Speaking of Elder Sims- I love him! He is awesome. He is kinda prideful but it is in a funny way. He had a record deal before his mission he says with Sony music. He says he worked on the show "Victorious" on Nickelodeon (I'm sure Cassidy knows what that is) He is very funny as well and loves basketball which is nice. He is small so it is fun. So an explanation on the subject line- A missionary in a ward in our district went home, so his companion is now with us for the next 4 weeks until the end of the transfer. Crazy part of it was that they were going to move to Modesto (the most northern part of the mission) and just have them be together because there is someone up there who is companion-less in a tri-companionship so they tried to move me up there but funny enough, I am the only one who can drive in our companionship so I got to stay! My members would have been so mad if I had just straight up left without saying anything! Plus I would have been ticked! We had the chance of confirming "A" on Sunday! Soooo awesome!! Like I said This was one of those awesome mission moments I will always remember. This week should be a great one!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Also i totally forgot a funny thing that happened!! We almost got eaten by a dog!! a stinkin pitbull!! Crazy fun story that i will tell when i get home... ;) LOVE YALL
 My new companion in the tri-companionship is 5'3". He's a fun-size candy bar.