Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oct. 25 Letter

Here are some pics my dad e-mailed me that Dallas sent him, then I'll launch into his most recent letter:

He pretended to take a break, since it doesn't actually happen at the MTC

Dallas found an old friend (Chase) at the MTC

Dallas' companion

So our room is the popular spot! Every night new people come in to just hang out! Relocations come in a week!! It is going to be soooo much fun!!! All our good friends here got theirs yesterday and there were a bunch of Californias, Utahs, New Yorks, and you guessed it...Texas!! It is going to be awesome!

(Courtney's note: Missionaries who were originally called to Sao Paulo, Brazil, are being relocated/assigned a temporary different mission to start in because their visa paperwork apparently hasn't gone through/been accepted...something along those lines)

So I'm the new District leader which is fun because i will get to get the relocations for everyone;) I will email with my favorite scripture later in the day! Im going to email mom and dad some stories and ask them to forward them! 

One cool thing lately is we have started teaching each other in companionships and we are teaching two sisters and our first two lessons have gone pretty good!! Cant wait to get into the field!! One more week! I will get to email everyone the night i get my relocation! So stay tuned!! Love you!!

Elder Schoen!!

Later on that day...

So my favorite scripture this week is ether 12: 4!! Talks all about hope!! great for when you are troubled which can happen a lot, here but there is always hope!!

Ether 12:4
Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with asurety bhope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which chope cometh of dfaith, maketh an eanchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in fgood works, being led to gglorify God. 

The lessons this week have been preparation is key in all aspects!! I only feel good about a day when I have prepared spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally for what will take place! !i look forward to telling you where i will get relocated!! Hopefully this week flies by!! Which i am sure it will;)

Mormon Messages
are amazing as well! They are soooooo uplifting and inspirational!! I will write you again as soon as i find out where i am going for my relocation!! I Pray for you and cam and Lady:) every day!! Love you guys soo much and keep me up to date on whats happening in your lives!!!

Com Amor,
Elder Schoen

Oct. 18 Letter

First thing in the morning...
This week FLEEEEEWWWWW by soo fast it feels like!! I think it is because i am starting to lose myself in the work! at first i will be honest and say i wasn't loving the MTC, but now that i know the importance of the work i have come to appreciate the time i have here and am valuing every second! The people here are awesome!! I have made soooooo many lasting friends here! The spirit is indeed our comforter when we need it! There have definitely been times of stress and frustration but without fail as soon as i offer a prayer i am overwhelmed with a sense of love and appreciation for all i have. I love all you guys soooo much! the experience here is priceless! I will get on later today and email in more depth as for my week! Love You!!

Elder Schoen!

PS Love the Price is Right!!!!!!!!! (Courtney's note: I sent him pictures/screen shots of me and Mom and the Price is Right, he of course hasn't seen it yet)

Later on that day...

We have the opportunity to teach basically everyday here which is sooo nice! and on pdays we get to do TRC which is where you teach members who come in and speak the language and it is basically just a home teaching visit! it is very cool! 

And my favorite scripture this week is Moroni 7:48. It talks all about prayer! That chapter is the bom(b) (get it Book of Mormon) haha.... It is all about charity which i love!! 
Moroni 7:48
Wherefore, my beloved brethren, apray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with this love, which he hath bestowed upon all who are true bfollowers of his Son, Jesus Christ; that ye may become the sons of God; that when he shall appear we shall cbe like him, for we shall see him as he is; that we may have this hope; that we may be dpurified even as he is pure. Amen. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Week of Halloween

So this week has been a good one for the most part! Temple was awesome! As usual. Got to help for like thirty minutes in the laundry room with all the temple workers. Haha funny story though. So I have been shaving everyday for the stay here and one morning i forgot and I realized as soon as I got into class. So as soon as class was over I was going to run back to residence and shave, but of course the head Portuguese teacher like makes a surprise visit and asks about my short growth and I tried to respond in Portuguese by saying "sorry i forgot" (Eu esquedo) but instead i said "Eu escholo" which is "I chose to" haha my teacher just busted out laughing and i immediately corrected myself;) Portuguese at its finest!

I dont know if you can tell but I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED TO GET MY RELOCATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone in our zone here got theirs and there were a ton of California, New York, Pennsylvania, Utah and--you guessed it--Dallas and Fort Worth Texas!!!! Wouldnt that be funny i get assigned back to TX! Rumor has it they don't put a whole lot of effort into relocations so it is possible!! haha mom would die!;) Me and Elder Warren have become really close considering the rest of my district is kinda crazy! I will email you guys thursday night and let you know my relocation!! so stay tuned!! Any cool things happening in the actual real news?!

I would love this last week a good supply of dear elders considering i wont get to hear from you guys only once a week when i get into the field!! Me and Warren pray we get relocated together! IT would be sweet! We are teaching four investigators now which is kinda fun!! So got any cool MTC stories you can remember that would make me laugh? I have been here a month!! Crazy 1/24 of the way done!!! I'm going to get to call you when i reach the airport prior to me leaving for my relocation so stay tuned for when i will be at the airport i will let you know!!

This week will probably fly by!! Language is still coming slowly but surely which can be frustrating but I"m learning to relax and just let what comes come! I have to keep telling myself that I have been learning for a month and I'm basically already conversational!! Cant wait to get to Brazil though but I am really looking forward to a relocation so i can share the gospel in my native tongue! Tell mom to send me a list of just questions so i can send her a letter just for her answering anything and everything she wants to know!

It is really hard to remember questions so tell her to send me a letter with questions so i can write her a letter back to answer them all! Tell mom I love her! Also tell sister Passantino thanks for sending me a package! Also i really want the Weavers address! I want to send Calvin, Keith, Bryce and Aunt Laura some stuff! Send it in a Dear Elder so i can get it mailed of soon! I Love you guys soooooo much! Like i said me and Carley email every week and are keeping up with each other!! Please get a good supply of dear elders this week considering it is my last week and i wont get to hear from you guys but only once a week on pdays in the field!! I have saved all the dear elders and letters so i can read them when i get the chance so i can imagine we are speaking;) I love you all soooooo much!!! Please tell mom to dear elder me with a list of questions so i can answer her directly!!!!! Love you and talk to you when i get my relocation!!! Stay tuned!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Oct. 18 Letter

(In the e-mail correspondence before this, Dad told Dallas as a bit of "fatherly advice" he might want to quit sticking his tongue out so he won't regret these pictures in 20 or 30 years)

Haha i like sticking my tongue out!!! haha i will think about changing it! Im sure you loved two weeks off (govt shutdown)!! I will most likely be leaving on  NOV 04, 05, 06 depending on when my relocation happens so you guys need to be around so i can call in and talk with you guys! Alot of the relocations have people leaving at like 3 a.m. so be expecting a call like crazy early!! I know how to shine shoes!!!!! and yes i am a very quick learner! ive picked up on quite a few things already!! Ive been going through three white shirts and three slacks so i have some for when i get into the field.

It is soooooo cold here!! Cant wait for the North face plus if i get relocated somewhere cold im going to die.... How is Cassidy doing in Everything?? No news on visa! Im 99% sure i will be relocated so expect that! Relocations come on halloween so should be fun!! Can i get addressess for the weavers, grandma kent, krista and cam and courtney so i can send hand written cards! they have all sent me stuff! Gym time is crazy fun cause volleyball is soo intense but light-hearted cause its the MTC;)

Hows the sports world going? Me and my companion are getting along just fine! we like each other and enjoy each other so no worries there! Haha temple was great and funny enough as i am walking back down to campus i pass Kaitlyn Frandsen (a girl from my parent's home ward, I assume she's now living in Provo, going to BYU?), soooo yeah kinda awkward... haha i was just like hey..... you can imagine me saying it to her.

I got to see CJ the day before he headed out! it was such a blessing and miracle!! Purely luck us running into each other! I love my teachers here and all the people here are awesome!! I love you guys sooooo much! Please respond via dear elder so i can read your responses faster! cause i only get an hour on Pdays to email! So have an email waiting for me in my email but respond while im still here using Dear elder! and tell cassidy i want to hear from her!! and Tell mom i love her soooooooooo Much! there was a senior couple who i passed, the sister said 'I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!!!" HAHA it was the mamas boys one! The weeks are really starting to fly now. The sleep is starting to catch up with me i am ALWAYS TIRED!!  Haha but i survive!! Again I love you guys and cant wait to hear from you all!!!!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Q & A for a Missionary in the MTC

- How was watching conference this weekend? Tell us about the experience of being in the Missionary Training Center and how you watch it. 
Conference was AWEEEESSOMMEEE!  Haha first time i have stayed awake the entire time and boy am i glad i did! It was soo special being surrounded by all the missionaries! Awesome thing was that CJ came up from west campus to watch it so i sat next to him saturday and sunday and got to catch up! Haha but yes it would have been nice to watch it in my pjs but i like wearing the suit so its all good!

- Are y'all teaching any "fake" investigators? Carley used to tell us about her experience teaching fake investigators (investigators are people who "investigate" or learn about our religion). I want to hear if you are doing the same thing and how it is going. 
Yeah we teach practically every day! Our first investigator, Amadeu took 4 lessons and we asked him to be baptized and he accepted! haha, fake but it was still cool!

- Please send pictures! I'm dying to see you. :)

I got the family's package and wanted to say thank you for the pictures! i was missing seeing you guys and that brought so much comfort!

I bought the mamas boy shirt! I dont know if mom remembers but i had that same shirt when i was young and she loved it so i  thought i would buy it again;)

- What has been the best lesson you have learned since being in the Missionary Training Center?

The best lesson i have learned here is HUMILITY!!!!! No one can think they can just walk into the mission field knowing everything! I thought I had a pretty good understanding of the gospel but i have been trully humbled here haha! But it is a great humbling experience!

- How are you and your companion getting along?

My companion is catching onto the language of Portuguese really quickly, so it makes the companionship hard. As the weeks pass and he improves a lot faster because he speaks Spanish, he tries to dominate the lessons so i have to stop him sometimes. but Im dealing with it as best i can and we are doing just fine.

- How is the language coming?
The language is coming along verrrrryyyy slowly but surely! Im improving with each day! At first i just was getting soooo down on myself because i couldnt say what i wanted to say but as i improve the spirit comes stronger!  Language is still kicking my butt but i have realized ive been expecting to much of myself so i just started trying to relax and let what comes comes! It has been coming easier since i stopped get down on myself!

- How do you like your district? 

Me and another elder in my district are really close though! we are really growing as friends and brothers in the priesthood! My district is pretty cool! we have 6 sisters and only 4 elders so it is rather weird to see other districts with all elders. Im used to having more girls than guys around considering our family so im used to it:)
The short e-mail to my dad: 
Thank you for the suit and shoes as well! my suit pants ripped and my black shes broke so what you sent was perfect! Plus the treats!!!!! MOM thank you soooo much! I ate a bag of cheetos and a cookie right when i got them! Haha you can sleep in my room if you want;) Keep it warm for me! Next package i would love some q tips and my north face jacket cuz it is getting freezing! Got a hair cut today finally and mom you are wayyyyyy better;)  i'm heading to the temple right now! 

Con amor (with love)

Elder Schoen!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Oct. 4 Letter

So I forgot to say the first day here i leaned down to pick something up and my pants ripped right down the Seam!!! Also the back of my shoe was stepped on and now the sole is coming of so if you guys ever want to send me a care package that would be great! Also please send me some pictures of you guys! i miss you guys like crazy and would love to be able to look at you! So, Dad, you are jobless (*govt shutdown)??!! HAHA going to be golfing for the next couple of weeks!! 297 yds?! WOW! must of been some wind!!! haha mom should get great! We'll have a blast playing when i get back!

Thank you by the way for the words of encouragement! Im really needing it as often as possible cause this language is kicking my butt.. but i have been telling myself to just forget myself and relax because i wont be fluent when i leave! I can say a prayer easy and also bear my testimony easy right now. It is just the gospel vocabulary and verbs in the lessons that throw me off! Plus i cant understand anything anyone says! so thats hard! I am really looking forward to a relocation because i really want to be able to give lessons in english for a while to build my confidence back up! My companion is awesome! I still need to figure out how to get pictures on here so it may be a little while before you see some but i have a bunch! We are going to the temple here in a couple hours which is going to be so nice! we get to work out basically every day here! funny enough i played basketball the first day but i actually enjoy volleyball more!! haha we'll see if it holds! I reallly look forward to hearing from you guys everyday (all family members signed up for different days to send dear elders)! that will be soo comforting! Everyone loves my Ether 12:27 Band! My branch presidency is pretty cool to! I will also write a letter to you so itll get there half way through the week so you can here from me twice a week! please every so often send some hand written notes because those are really meaningful to me! I got one from grandma which was sweet tell her i said thank you! The cowboys are going to get blown out this year! GO Broncos!! haha. Too bad about the rangers there is always next year! I always enjoy hearing from you (talking to my Dad here)! you are my best friend and anything and everything you say to me i will keep and cherish! so please whenever you get opportunities please write! 
And tell mom i Love her soooooooo Much! She cant even imagine how much i miss her and everything she did for me! I had to do laundry this morning and i had to ask for so much help! but I should get going! I know im where i should be and the spirit i feel is so powerful and comforting when i am stressed or depressed! I know God loves me and that Jesus Christ is my savior! I love you all! i have gotten all your dear elders and keep them coming! I love you so much and look forward to hearing about the home front! I will mail you a letter on Saturday so it gets there by Monday or Tuesday! Hear from you soon!

Elder Schoen!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dallas' first letter home (with more !!!! than should be legal in a letter)

Dallas wrote home this week! No e-mail, just a hand-written letter, which is an awesome thing from this tech-savvy young man. I don't think I've ever seen him hand-write anything!

It read like this:

Dear Dad, Mom and Cassidy,

Wow! What a day! As hard as it was leaving this morning what an amazing experience this has started out as! So the flight to Provo was funny cause the guy I talked to turned out to be a principal at a ALL Catholic school, so he wasn't really interest in what I had to say, but he was nice nonetheless.

Checking in (to the MTC) was so funny! So no joke, I had taken like 4 steps away from the car to head to check in and BOOM!! Standing no joke like 2 yds away from me is CJ!! What a crazy blessing! This first day was probably the most spiritual day in my entire life! No joke, I am spiritually exhausted!

But amazing lessons today on what our purpose is as a missionary! I'll be honest most of the day I was kinda REALLY feeling homesick, but after a 3-hour missionary workshop I have really grown up. I mean, I still miss you guys like crazy, but I'm really growing into myself. BUT SERIOUSLY, I HAVE SOOO MUCH LEARNING TO DO! But I'm very excited! Oh, and my companion is AWESOME! His name is Elder Z. and he's from Miami. He speaks fluent Spanish, so he's going to help me soooo much! He's very cool, but also very fun! We are really going to get along! There are 4 elders and 6 sisters in our district. I am really looking forward to these 6 weeks and my p-day (preparation day) is on Friday from what I hear. So I look forward to writing you!

Love you,
Elder Schoen

Here are some pictures from Dallas' flight and his last day with my parents at home (they went golfing).