Friday, October 4, 2013

Oct. 4 Letter

So I forgot to say the first day here i leaned down to pick something up and my pants ripped right down the Seam!!! Also the back of my shoe was stepped on and now the sole is coming of so if you guys ever want to send me a care package that would be great! Also please send me some pictures of you guys! i miss you guys like crazy and would love to be able to look at you! So, Dad, you are jobless (*govt shutdown)??!! HAHA going to be golfing for the next couple of weeks!! 297 yds?! WOW! must of been some wind!!! haha mom should get great! We'll have a blast playing when i get back!

Thank you by the way for the words of encouragement! Im really needing it as often as possible cause this language is kicking my butt.. but i have been telling myself to just forget myself and relax because i wont be fluent when i leave! I can say a prayer easy and also bear my testimony easy right now. It is just the gospel vocabulary and verbs in the lessons that throw me off! Plus i cant understand anything anyone says! so thats hard! I am really looking forward to a relocation because i really want to be able to give lessons in english for a while to build my confidence back up! My companion is awesome! I still need to figure out how to get pictures on here so it may be a little while before you see some but i have a bunch! We are going to the temple here in a couple hours which is going to be so nice! we get to work out basically every day here! funny enough i played basketball the first day but i actually enjoy volleyball more!! haha we'll see if it holds! I reallly look forward to hearing from you guys everyday (all family members signed up for different days to send dear elders)! that will be soo comforting! Everyone loves my Ether 12:27 Band! My branch presidency is pretty cool to! I will also write a letter to you so itll get there half way through the week so you can here from me twice a week! please every so often send some hand written notes because those are really meaningful to me! I got one from grandma which was sweet tell her i said thank you! The cowboys are going to get blown out this year! GO Broncos!! haha. Too bad about the rangers there is always next year! I always enjoy hearing from you (talking to my Dad here)! you are my best friend and anything and everything you say to me i will keep and cherish! so please whenever you get opportunities please write! 
And tell mom i Love her soooooooo Much! She cant even imagine how much i miss her and everything she did for me! I had to do laundry this morning and i had to ask for so much help! but I should get going! I know im where i should be and the spirit i feel is so powerful and comforting when i am stressed or depressed! I know God loves me and that Jesus Christ is my savior! I love you all! i have gotten all your dear elders and keep them coming! I love you so much and look forward to hearing about the home front! I will mail you a letter on Saturday so it gets there by Monday or Tuesday! Hear from you soon!

Elder Schoen!

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