Friday, October 18, 2013

Oct. 18 Letter

(In the e-mail correspondence before this, Dad told Dallas as a bit of "fatherly advice" he might want to quit sticking his tongue out so he won't regret these pictures in 20 or 30 years)

Haha i like sticking my tongue out!!! haha i will think about changing it! Im sure you loved two weeks off (govt shutdown)!! I will most likely be leaving on  NOV 04, 05, 06 depending on when my relocation happens so you guys need to be around so i can call in and talk with you guys! Alot of the relocations have people leaving at like 3 a.m. so be expecting a call like crazy early!! I know how to shine shoes!!!!! and yes i am a very quick learner! ive picked up on quite a few things already!! Ive been going through three white shirts and three slacks so i have some for when i get into the field.

It is soooooo cold here!! Cant wait for the North face plus if i get relocated somewhere cold im going to die.... How is Cassidy doing in Everything?? No news on visa! Im 99% sure i will be relocated so expect that! Relocations come on halloween so should be fun!! Can i get addressess for the weavers, grandma kent, krista and cam and courtney so i can send hand written cards! they have all sent me stuff! Gym time is crazy fun cause volleyball is soo intense but light-hearted cause its the MTC;)

Hows the sports world going? Me and my companion are getting along just fine! we like each other and enjoy each other so no worries there! Haha temple was great and funny enough as i am walking back down to campus i pass Kaitlyn Frandsen (a girl from my parent's home ward, I assume she's now living in Provo, going to BYU?), soooo yeah kinda awkward... haha i was just like hey..... you can imagine me saying it to her.

I got to see CJ the day before he headed out! it was such a blessing and miracle!! Purely luck us running into each other! I love my teachers here and all the people here are awesome!! I love you guys sooooo much! Please respond via dear elder so i can read your responses faster! cause i only get an hour on Pdays to email! So have an email waiting for me in my email but respond while im still here using Dear elder! and tell cassidy i want to hear from her!! and Tell mom i love her soooooooooo Much! there was a senior couple who i passed, the sister said 'I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!!!" HAHA it was the mamas boys one! The weeks are really starting to fly now. The sleep is starting to catch up with me i am ALWAYS TIRED!!  Haha but i survive!! Again I love you guys and cant wait to hear from you all!!!!!

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