Friday, October 25, 2013

Week of Halloween

So this week has been a good one for the most part! Temple was awesome! As usual. Got to help for like thirty minutes in the laundry room with all the temple workers. Haha funny story though. So I have been shaving everyday for the stay here and one morning i forgot and I realized as soon as I got into class. So as soon as class was over I was going to run back to residence and shave, but of course the head Portuguese teacher like makes a surprise visit and asks about my short growth and I tried to respond in Portuguese by saying "sorry i forgot" (Eu esquedo) but instead i said "Eu escholo" which is "I chose to" haha my teacher just busted out laughing and i immediately corrected myself;) Portuguese at its finest!

I dont know if you can tell but I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED TO GET MY RELOCATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone in our zone here got theirs and there were a ton of California, New York, Pennsylvania, Utah and--you guessed it--Dallas and Fort Worth Texas!!!! Wouldnt that be funny i get assigned back to TX! Rumor has it they don't put a whole lot of effort into relocations so it is possible!! haha mom would die!;) Me and Elder Warren have become really close considering the rest of my district is kinda crazy! I will email you guys thursday night and let you know my relocation!! so stay tuned!! Any cool things happening in the actual real news?!

I would love this last week a good supply of dear elders considering i wont get to hear from you guys only once a week when i get into the field!! Me and Warren pray we get relocated together! IT would be sweet! We are teaching four investigators now which is kinda fun!! So got any cool MTC stories you can remember that would make me laugh? I have been here a month!! Crazy 1/24 of the way done!!! I'm going to get to call you when i reach the airport prior to me leaving for my relocation so stay tuned for when i will be at the airport i will let you know!!

This week will probably fly by!! Language is still coming slowly but surely which can be frustrating but I"m learning to relax and just let what comes come! I have to keep telling myself that I have been learning for a month and I'm basically already conversational!! Cant wait to get to Brazil though but I am really looking forward to a relocation so i can share the gospel in my native tongue! Tell mom to send me a list of just questions so i can send her a letter just for her answering anything and everything she wants to know!

It is really hard to remember questions so tell her to send me a letter with questions so i can write her a letter back to answer them all! Tell mom I love her! Also tell sister Passantino thanks for sending me a package! Also i really want the Weavers address! I want to send Calvin, Keith, Bryce and Aunt Laura some stuff! Send it in a Dear Elder so i can get it mailed of soon! I Love you guys soooooo much! Like i said me and Carley email every week and are keeping up with each other!! Please get a good supply of dear elders this week considering it is my last week and i wont get to hear from you guys but only once a week on pdays in the field!! I have saved all the dear elders and letters so i can read them when i get the chance so i can imagine we are speaking;) I love you all soooooo much!!! Please tell mom to dear elder me with a list of questions so i can answer her directly!!!!! Love you and talk to you when i get my relocation!!! Stay tuned!!

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