Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30: What a Week!

Well this could be one of the best weeks thus far on the mission! Not that to many crazy things happened, but two important things happened that I have been waiting for 7 weeks to happen! First off we finally got a couple here married!! It may sound like a simple thing (and in all reality it was very simple once we finally go there) but the preparation was ridiculous! Haha it was one of those moments that immediately after they signed the papers a HUGE weight was lifted off me! and now we are preparing the couple for baptism this weekend! please pray for Katia and Paulo. And for the other important thing is we baptized the mom of a Recent Convert! I had the privelege of baptizing her. It was one of the most awesome experiences thus far on my mission. Her daugther (the recent convert) told me like 4 different times that her mom would never get baptized... let me explain- about three months when the elders found the family the daughter was on board immediately and accepted baptism that day. the one problem was the mom. In one word she was an Anti-mormon.. When I got here 7 weeks ago she had just began to sit in on the lessons. My initial goal was to become friends and baptize the daugther. After she allowed the baptism of her daughter we switched focus onto her. so for the past 6 weeks we have been working on her and more importantly the spirit worked on her! She is now baptized and I am one happy camper;) Thanks for the prayers in behalf of my investigators and also for me! they dont go unnoticed! Thanks for everything! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23: Spanglish!

Haha well this week was a good one. Lots of contacts this week but we saw some blessings from the work. We found an old man who we have marked to baptize this sunday so I am pretty excited! My new comp is pretty legit. Haha I am not sure if president knows that the two past companions have been exactly the same... Haha Elder Rodriquez is SUPER quiet as well... hahah that is what makes it soooooo hard is that I have kind of turned in to a chatter box and being with someone who is not really a fan of conversing.. I get bored sometimes;) but alll in all he is awesome. He loves to work and more importantly he loves to baptize;)  We are going to kill it this transfer!! Haha for those wanting to know about my area it is half forest and half houses... we dont have favella (dang it) but we have a place called São bento 2 that has the "thugs" of sao bento. so as you can guess we spend the majority of our time there;) I LOVE THE MISSION!!!  holllly cow.... I dont know if it is because I am closing down or because I caught a new spirit but the work is soooo much fun right now!!! What a blessing it is to be in this service!! haha I know it may sound like a joke, but I am going to baptize alot of people when I get home.. Like we as a family our going to baptize people. I found a scripture this week alma 29:9 that talks about how our glory here on earth is through missionary work!!! IMAGINE THAT!!!! We will baptize our friends and our enemies as well. Who else is PUMPED!!!!! Haha pray for my companionship and our area here please!!! I love you all!!!!! #sóbatismos!! (#justbaptize!!)

Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16: Batismo(S)!

Well we had an awesome week this week full of miracles and baptisms! We baptized two young men who we have been teaching for some time. Such an amazing service! The parents arent very "churchy"  but they supported them with their decision and after the decision the older one that I baptized told me he cant wait to serve a mission! I was hit pretty hard with the spirit. It was amazing. We will probably end up baptizing their friend this sunday who loved the service and asked when he could be baptized!  haha I rather liked that question;) Well transfer have come again and I will stay here in São Bento and I will get an Elder Rodriguez apparently from Argentina. Haha we will see if I can better my spanish this time;) maybe I will like this latin american... haha but Im super excited for the transfer to come! Haha it is kinda weird cause the sisters that started the mission with me are going home tommorrow!! WOAH!! Time flies!!! Hope every has an amazing week! LOVE YALL!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9: One year older...not much wiser

Haha I am still not used to saying im 20... I keep saying 19..!! stinking annoying!! haha so the only big news this week is I got what everyone in the mission calls a "Carta Trunky" haha which translated is trunky letter.... Long story short it has the date I go home and i have to fill out all the information on where I am going home to... yeah so August 26 is officially the day.... dang its kinda weird having an end date.... not sure i like it..... oh well i still have plenty of time ;) We had president interviews this past week and it went really well. President is a great man. I hope everyone has a good week!!! LOVE YALL!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2: Well what a Week!

I can honestly say the best emailing session to date!! I want you to know how happy I am for you Courtney and Cam!!!! I will let you know that the Lord DEFINATLEY answers prayers! What an experience! This week has been a really good one! nothing of real value for yall just a good week numbers wise! We hope to have a baptism this weekend.. Please pray for Aparecida! Well 40 emails to respond to so itll be a short email today!! I cant believe im 20...... It kinda hit me today... like woah..... im 20...... but hey Its cool;) We are going to have a FHE with a member and aparecida today and they are making me a cake i think;) LOVE YALL!!!!