Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30: What a Week!

Well this could be one of the best weeks thus far on the mission! Not that to many crazy things happened, but two important things happened that I have been waiting for 7 weeks to happen! First off we finally got a couple here married!! It may sound like a simple thing (and in all reality it was very simple once we finally go there) but the preparation was ridiculous! Haha it was one of those moments that immediately after they signed the papers a HUGE weight was lifted off me! and now we are preparing the couple for baptism this weekend! please pray for Katia and Paulo. And for the other important thing is we baptized the mom of a Recent Convert! I had the privelege of baptizing her. It was one of the most awesome experiences thus far on my mission. Her daugther (the recent convert) told me like 4 different times that her mom would never get baptized... let me explain- about three months when the elders found the family the daughter was on board immediately and accepted baptism that day. the one problem was the mom. In one word she was an Anti-mormon.. When I got here 7 weeks ago she had just began to sit in on the lessons. My initial goal was to become friends and baptize the daugther. After she allowed the baptism of her daughter we switched focus onto her. so for the past 6 weeks we have been working on her and more importantly the spirit worked on her! She is now baptized and I am one happy camper;) Thanks for the prayers in behalf of my investigators and also for me! they dont go unnoticed! Thanks for everything! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

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