Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6: Feliz Páscoa!

Well easter has come and gone already and as I have come to learn since being here national holidays are not celebrated like they are there. It is rather funny. Here it is alot less publicized. And by that I mean no one talks about it. everyone goes to church and likes the holidays  but there everyone is talking about it posting stuff about it and noticibly more happy. Here its good but I look forward to being back in the states for the holidays! Well it was a pretty simple week but still had some frustrations with Katia and Paulo leaving on vacation for the weekend and Valter being no where to be found. So It was kinda frustrating but we plan on having Katia and Paulos baptism this week! Conference was amazing as always. Watching in portuguese was fun because it made me pay closer attention to what was being said. I got alot out of it. Elder Hollands talk was great, and I did think it was funny how many talks in the first session were on marriage.. Haha talks targeted at RM´s. Elder Rodriguez is a great comp. We are working well together. pray for our area! Hope you all have a great week!

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