Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13: Elder Hitch

I really liked what carley called me a few weeks ago "Elder Hitch" cause as of saturday we finally had the baptism of Katia and Paulo! Haha it was one heck of journey. They have been waiting awhile and to be here for the marriage and the baptism! I had the chance to baptize paulo as well. Its always a special honor to baptize someone! Elder Rodriguez and I are doing great! You know I used to think that it would be super hard to get along with someone from a completely different culture who speaks a completely different language but you know he is a great guy! It is rather funny cause he is super quiet just like my last comp. I have gotten really good at communicating haha. I do alot of talking during the day;) I am loving this area for sure. I have a feeling that I will probably get moved here in 2 weeks when the transfers happens. It will be hard to leave this area but I think I am ready to go! I kinda want to go back to the capital. Its more busy. Here it is just soooooo dead..... super boring. In the capital (São Paulo) there is always something happening! but like I said I love the people of this area! it will be hard saying bye to some of these people! Dang it is kinda getting crazy to think in a few weeks I will be talking to yall via skype! Im super excited but also kinda nervous hahah. Yeah I dont know if this happens to all missionaries but I have been getting super nervous lately when I think about the end of the mission like I cant see it being over but then members make jokes and insist I am almost done and I get kinda wide eyed.. haha Its super funny how the first year you think alot about the day you go home and as you get close to the day you go home you think alot about your first year and the mission. The good news is that it gives you incentive to somewhat kill yourself in the work. Like 4th quarter you want to go all out to leave it all out there! Its hard cause Im definatley TIRED but it will all be worth it in the end! I love you all!!! I have a ton of pics to send but this internet house doesnt send photos so Ill have to wait for an opportunity!! LOVE YALL!!!!! Praying for all yall!

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