Monday, October 27, 2014

1 year, 1 month

Its been a good week this week. Not to much news happening here. The work is still moving on unhindered! We did an activity as a zone this week in one of the harder areas in our zone. All the missionaries in our zone went to São Bento and we gave out Book of Mormons to the people there. We gave out close to 140 books of Mormon! it was great! But one cool experience that happened this week happened yesterday. As my companion and I were doing some finding yesterday in the Centro (the center of the city) we felt the need to talk to a man sitting alone on a park bench. As he walked up he started smiling. We asked if he had already spoken with missionaries before and he said he had already been baptized. We then asked if it was in our church, and he politely said no. He went on for awhile talking and we could tell there was something wrong so we simply asked if he knew of his purpose in life. He began to cry and vented to us that he had been looking for some time for a way to change his life around. He told us of the addictions he has and how they have cost him everything. He is living on the streets right now but we have set up a time to meet with him tomorrow in the same place we met with him yesterday. The funniest part was after we left we went a little ways off and were talking to someone else and as we looked back at him he was walking around the courtyard showing the Book of Mormon we left with him to all the other people sitting around there. haha it was definatley an experience that I will remember! Well yesterday my companion and I sang in church! haha it went well, no harm done! we sang "When I am Baptized" the first verse in english. it was awesome! we got a ton of compliments. This week should be another good one! Love you all!!!

a little boy who loved cameras and wanted me to take a pic of him

then the little boy wanted to take my picture

That's a lot of meat!


Monday, October 20, 2014

Então, Boa Semana!

Well as I am sure you are all wondering how the new companion is, he is great. We are having a lot of fun together! He has been here for 10 months already so he speaks really well already. He has a year and 6 months on the mission and he was waiting for 6 months in Cleveland. He is a good missionary and he is helping me a lot with learning the language and how to say some of the slang and some of the different sayings. We were working hard and found 25 new investigators and set 3 baptismal dates. We are working in one of the harder areas in Sorocaba because our area covers the richer side of sorocaba/trujillo. but none the less we are working on helping the people here come unto Christ! I was studying pretty in depth the gospel of Jesus Christ this week. In my studies and using the scriptures I came to a very important realization. If you look throughout the scriptures, especially in the Book of Mormon, and look for any scripture regarding the gospel of Jesus Christ you will see an important part of the Gospel that is often overlooked- that of the principle of Missionary work. Take 2nd Nephi 2: 6,7 they speak of the power of the Atonement and the need of Faith in Jesus Christ, and then comes verse 8 which tells of the importance of making these things known unto the inhabitants of the Earth! I will not say I am adding another principle to the gospel only merely stating the important fact that as a part of Showing our Faith comes the need to open our mouths. I had to wonderful opportunity to speak in church yesterday! I spoke for 20 minutes on the importance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It went very well and I was grateful for that opportunity to 1) share my testimony with the members and investigators there and 2) practice my language ability;) Haha I love you all so much and am growing more and more each day in to many ways to name;) I am continuing to pray for each and every one of you! If you need anything more please let me know! I love you all! Tem uma boa Semana! Have a great week!

Guess Who in Portuguese

Gringotts Bank

You know it's hot when...

This goat wanted to be friends

shoes before (worn out soles)

shoes after (only $15 USD)
Dad would be totally jealous, these candies taste just like Key Lime pie.
Pink house, maybe an option for Cassidy?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Oi Família e Amigos!

So sorry about this week but i wont have time to respond or even read your emails from this week. We went to the temple today in Campinas and it was much needed. No better place to feel the spirit of the Lord stronger than the temple! This past week was pretty uneventful except we did have conference which was awesome! The only thing that wasnt awesome about it was that i had to watch in portuguese which was rough, i understood about 50 to 60% of what was said but i will just need yall to send me a copy of the ensign with the talks! Sorry this is super short but next monday you can expect a long email to all of you! :) I have to lead our area tomorrow with another missionary coming over for the day so please pray for me... Also We have president interviews tomorrow which i am super excited about! I will talk to yall more on Monday! LOVE YALL!!