Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20: One more gone...

Holy moly weeks are going super fast now..... Im freaking out... but I guess its kinda of a win win. closer to seeing yall and work moves faster! Well not much this week to report on other than that I have started working out in the mornings a little harder and by a little harder  that means Im actually working out now:) hahah just the normal stuff bench pressing cars doing pushups with my comp on my back you know simple stuff. Im in good health. i mean im not jacked but then again im not as fat as I was in the states:) that is kinda hard to beat;) We did a ton of finding this week and found a few good potentials that we need to work with. The greatest part of the week was today and thus the reason I am emailing later. We had a zone activity. basically just a bunch of sports and little did I know they brought a basketball!!! oh man what a great day!!!!! havent lost a thing!!! haha totally lying! but it was great to shoot around again! we found some young guys who like to play so maybe I can persuade them to baptism with some bball. this is the last week of the transfer so we will see what news i have for the next weeks emails to see if Im staying or going!!! LOVE YALL!!!!!

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