Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16: Batismo(S)!

Well we had an awesome week this week full of miracles and baptisms! We baptized two young men who we have been teaching for some time. Such an amazing service! The parents arent very "churchy"  but they supported them with their decision and after the decision the older one that I baptized told me he cant wait to serve a mission! I was hit pretty hard with the spirit. It was amazing. We will probably end up baptizing their friend this sunday who loved the service and asked when he could be baptized!  haha I rather liked that question;) Well transfer have come again and I will stay here in São Bento and I will get an Elder Rodriguez apparently from Argentina. Haha we will see if I can better my spanish this time;) maybe I will like this latin american... haha but Im super excited for the transfer to come! Haha it is kinda weird cause the sisters that started the mission with me are going home tommorrow!! WOAH!! Time flies!!! Hope every has an amazing week! LOVE YALL!!!

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