Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23: Spanglish!

Haha well this week was a good one. Lots of contacts this week but we saw some blessings from the work. We found an old man who we have marked to baptize this sunday so I am pretty excited! My new comp is pretty legit. Haha I am not sure if president knows that the two past companions have been exactly the same... Haha Elder Rodriquez is SUPER quiet as well... hahah that is what makes it soooooo hard is that I have kind of turned in to a chatter box and being with someone who is not really a fan of conversing.. I get bored sometimes;) but alll in all he is awesome. He loves to work and more importantly he loves to baptize;)  We are going to kill it this transfer!! Haha for those wanting to know about my area it is half forest and half houses... we dont have favella (dang it) but we have a place called São bento 2 that has the "thugs" of sao bento. so as you can guess we spend the majority of our time there;) I LOVE THE MISSION!!!  holllly cow.... I dont know if it is because I am closing down or because I caught a new spirit but the work is soooo much fun right now!!! What a blessing it is to be in this service!! haha I know it may sound like a joke, but I am going to baptize alot of people when I get home.. Like we as a family our going to baptize people. I found a scripture this week alma 29:9 that talks about how our glory here on earth is through missionary work!!! IMAGINE THAT!!!! We will baptize our friends and our enemies as well. Who else is PUMPED!!!!! Haha pray for my companionship and our area here please!!! I love you all!!!!! #sóbatismos!! (#justbaptize!!)

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