Friday, October 11, 2013

Q & A for a Missionary in the MTC

- How was watching conference this weekend? Tell us about the experience of being in the Missionary Training Center and how you watch it. 
Conference was AWEEEESSOMMEEE!  Haha first time i have stayed awake the entire time and boy am i glad i did! It was soo special being surrounded by all the missionaries! Awesome thing was that CJ came up from west campus to watch it so i sat next to him saturday and sunday and got to catch up! Haha but yes it would have been nice to watch it in my pjs but i like wearing the suit so its all good!

- Are y'all teaching any "fake" investigators? Carley used to tell us about her experience teaching fake investigators (investigators are people who "investigate" or learn about our religion). I want to hear if you are doing the same thing and how it is going. 
Yeah we teach practically every day! Our first investigator, Amadeu took 4 lessons and we asked him to be baptized and he accepted! haha, fake but it was still cool!

- Please send pictures! I'm dying to see you. :)

I got the family's package and wanted to say thank you for the pictures! i was missing seeing you guys and that brought so much comfort!

I bought the mamas boy shirt! I dont know if mom remembers but i had that same shirt when i was young and she loved it so i  thought i would buy it again;)

- What has been the best lesson you have learned since being in the Missionary Training Center?

The best lesson i have learned here is HUMILITY!!!!! No one can think they can just walk into the mission field knowing everything! I thought I had a pretty good understanding of the gospel but i have been trully humbled here haha! But it is a great humbling experience!

- How are you and your companion getting along?

My companion is catching onto the language of Portuguese really quickly, so it makes the companionship hard. As the weeks pass and he improves a lot faster because he speaks Spanish, he tries to dominate the lessons so i have to stop him sometimes. but Im dealing with it as best i can and we are doing just fine.

- How is the language coming?
The language is coming along verrrrryyyy slowly but surely! Im improving with each day! At first i just was getting soooo down on myself because i couldnt say what i wanted to say but as i improve the spirit comes stronger!  Language is still kicking my butt but i have realized ive been expecting to much of myself so i just started trying to relax and let what comes comes! It has been coming easier since i stopped get down on myself!

- How do you like your district? 

Me and another elder in my district are really close though! we are really growing as friends and brothers in the priesthood! My district is pretty cool! we have 6 sisters and only 4 elders so it is rather weird to see other districts with all elders. Im used to having more girls than guys around considering our family so im used to it:)
The short e-mail to my dad: 
Thank you for the suit and shoes as well! my suit pants ripped and my black shes broke so what you sent was perfect! Plus the treats!!!!! MOM thank you soooo much! I ate a bag of cheetos and a cookie right when i got them! Haha you can sleep in my room if you want;) Keep it warm for me! Next package i would love some q tips and my north face jacket cuz it is getting freezing! Got a hair cut today finally and mom you are wayyyyyy better;)  i'm heading to the temple right now! 

Con amor (with love)

Elder Schoen!

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