Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dallas' first letter home (with more !!!! than should be legal in a letter)

Dallas wrote home this week! No e-mail, just a hand-written letter, which is an awesome thing from this tech-savvy young man. I don't think I've ever seen him hand-write anything!

It read like this:

Dear Dad, Mom and Cassidy,

Wow! What a day! As hard as it was leaving this morning what an amazing experience this has started out as! So the flight to Provo was funny cause the guy I talked to turned out to be a principal at a ALL Catholic school, so he wasn't really interest in what I had to say, but he was nice nonetheless.

Checking in (to the MTC) was so funny! So no joke, I had taken like 4 steps away from the car to head to check in and BOOM!! Standing no joke like 2 yds away from me is CJ!! What a crazy blessing! This first day was probably the most spiritual day in my entire life! No joke, I am spiritually exhausted!

But amazing lessons today on what our purpose is as a missionary! I'll be honest most of the day I was kinda REALLY feeling homesick, but after a 3-hour missionary workshop I have really grown up. I mean, I still miss you guys like crazy, but I'm really growing into myself. BUT SERIOUSLY, I HAVE SOOO MUCH LEARNING TO DO! But I'm very excited! Oh, and my companion is AWESOME! His name is Elder Z. and he's from Miami. He speaks fluent Spanish, so he's going to help me soooo much! He's very cool, but also very fun! We are really going to get along! There are 4 elders and 6 sisters in our district. I am really looking forward to these 6 weeks and my p-day (preparation day) is on Friday from what I hear. So I look forward to writing you!

Love you,
Elder Schoen

Here are some pictures from Dallas' flight and his last day with my parents at home (they went golfing).

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