Monday, September 22, 2014

Então, Que uma Semana!

Haha well it has been one heck of a week! The language is coming ever slowly but nonetheless surely! I am making progress which is comforting;) It is difficult for me because I am coming from speaking the majority of the lesson to only being able to share bits and pieces of lessons here... super humbling. It is weird to hit my year mark this thursday... kinda crazy to me because it has not felt like a year.. time just flies. Haha we have been working like crazy. On tuesday we found 11 new investigators and had 6 investigators attend church. We are struggling getting our investigators to commit to baptism but we are working fervently to help them.

Elder Schoen loves the scriptures! Even in Portuguese.

"A Brasil delicacy," says Elder Schoen

I´ll be honest this is super hard coming from one mission to another that is completely different. I didn't think it would be as hard as it has been. But I can honestly say that I have grown so much closer to my Savior and I can testify of the comforting power the atonement has. Working here in Brasil is taking everything I have and by the time we return home at nights i am exhausted- physically mentally emotionally spiritually! Haha i am feeling the effects of hard work all throughout my legs;) Brasil is beautiful! the people are awesome and the language is.... fun;) I am working on bettering my studies here because I have been a little distracted so i will hopefully have a good week of studying. I am sending a letter to yall this week so look for it in the future. As I come up on the year mark and subsequently hump day mark I look back as well as ahead and see such awesome experiences that I have had and will continue to have! thank you all for the love support and prayers! I have definitely needed them! Have an awesome week!

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