Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Great Start to the New Year

What a great week! Seen a ton of miracles this week! The biggest being we baptized a girl on Saturday and confirmed her on Sunday! Her name is "S"! The coolest part about it was that I got to baptize her and confirm her. She asked me to baptize and my companion was supposed to confirm her, but he was late because we did a split (missionaries occasionally "split" up for a few hours or a day, meaning they divide and conquer, but mission rules prohibit missionaries from being on their own, so when they split up, each missionary has another companion or companions, they can be members of the local ward or other missionaries) so he could go with a member to pick up an investigator and didn't get back in time so she asked me to confirm her also! What a cool experience! Very powerful moments both baptizing and also confirming!

I'm assuming this is "S" who was baptized, then on the right are Elder Lord and Elder Schoen. Not sure about the suit in the middle.

Haha so we are teaching an investigator right now that we met only a few days ago and as you know yesterday was testimony meeting (testimony meeting in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is associated with one Sunday every month where members are encouraged to fast, or go without food or drink for the duration of two meals, and on that Sunday, the first hour of church when we partake of the sacrament is dedicated to the members so they have personal time to take a few moments and either privately or publicly reflect on their own testimonies. Individuals are invited to come forward and witness their faith from the pulpit, children and adults alike), and so he leans over to me during the meeting and says "can i go up there?" and kind of reluctantly i said "Well yeah you can..." and so he hops up and walks on up there (and keep in mind he is a 25 year old man with dreads and was wearing a bob marley t shirt and jeans) but he gets up there and says "I have been baptized christian, and baptist but after seeing this church and reading from the Book of Mormon I am ready to be baptized Mormon." haha we were laughing so hard inside though... we were expecting something crazy but not that! So as soon as takes care of one necessary step, he will be baptized!

"Best poster ever, look at them all pointing to Jesus Christ!" Remember, Larry Gelwix (the coach this movie is based around, the real person not the actor) is Dallas' mission president

Elder Lord and Elder Schoen with President Gelwix on Christmas day

Elder Lord and Elder Schoen with Darth Vader on Christmas Day???? I don't get it.

We went to try and see someone we met a couple days ago that plays basketball for Fresno State, but he wasn't home but his roommate who is on the team as well was and so we taught him and his words were after we finished teaching were "this all makes sense." So, we invited him to be baptized and he accepted and we are shooting for the 2nd of February. Coolest thing about it was he says he would get us free tickets to the fresno state basketball games! haha and they are in the Mountain West so they play USU! haha we are going to see if we can go and support him ;) But it is soooo stinkin' cool to see and find all these people God has prepared to receive His message!

"This is a gift from a member of the Young Single Adult ward! How sweet is that?! I love it!"
 I'm so stinkin' proud to be a missionary here and now! We will continue to invite all men EVERYWHERE  to come unto Christ and be baptized! Sacrifice truly does bring forth the Blessings of Heaven! I love you all so much! I will continue to pray for each of you individually! Don't be shy, let me know what you need help with and I will DEFINITELY include it in my prayers! Keep up all the awesome work you all are doing!

Any cool missionary moments this week for any of you!? Love you all!

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