Monday, January 27, 2014

Visailia here we come!

SO as you can tell from my subject line im getting transferred! My first 12 weeks are over and so now I'm officially done with being trained.. Thank goodness;) Haha im kidding! But I will be going to The Visalia 7th ward and guess what... It is another YSA! Haha i guess once a YSA missionary always a YSA missionary!

We had some awesome things happen this week! The biggest being we had the confirmation of our Baptism last week yesterday! Michael Moorland is now an official Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And the other great part is we held another Baptism last night! His name is Titus and we have been teaching him for about 1 month and he has made a complete 180 degree turn around since we began teaching him! He has truly become a new and improved Titus!

We had 4 investigators at church and the Bob Marley shirt one came to the baptism and told us he was jealous so he wants to be baptized now. I head to Visalia on Wednesday morning and then I'm going to have to turn right around and come back on sunday to confirm Titus. But it is definitely worth it;) I have loved this area soooo much and have loved being with Elder Lord and will miss him a ton but I'm soooo pumped for this new area as well! I will be with Elder Reed who funny enough came here to Fresno with me on the same plane and we are both waiting for our Visas to Brazil. It will be better now because we will actually get to do language study;) I will be designated driver so I'm going to be printing off my driving record today and will hopefully be good to drive by Wednesday! Hope all is well in everyone's lives this week! My scripture study this week has been awesome! I have been reading in Alma and been reading about the Anti Nephi Lehis and burying our weapons of rebellion! been such a good reminder to really re-focus myself and cut all distractions and work harder than ever before! I invite you all to do the same! Any cool missionary moments for any of you this week?! Love You ALL SOOOOOO MUCH!

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