Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15: Opa

 Well this week wasnt as great as the last ones. Lets just say I have had my fair share of arguments this week with the leadership in our branch here. Basically in a nut shell they are having problems with the baptisms we are having. Us and President Farnes are having to team up to get them on board with the idea of more baptisms. They are not used to having recent converts to have to take care of... lets just say none of my Recent Converts have received a visit or even know who there home or visiting teachers are.. Its been a mess. Just life lessons you learn on the mission on how to deal with people that take different approaches. There idea is that we are responsible for taking care of these converts... We keep telling them we wont be here forever.. But I feel like it is getting a little better. Our Ward Mission Leader is AWESOME!! he is killing it here with us! I got to do a division with one of my old companions and that was fun! We also had a 70 come and give a training. He is brand new. His name is Elder Cero Schmeil. It was good the only problem is that we ended up getting home at 1 in the morning. It was in sorocaba a 5 hour drive.. We are working hard here still. I just hope we can see more miracles here! keep praying for us!! LOVE YALL!!

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