Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22: Good Week

Well not much happened this week to notable to pass along to yall. I am trying to lose some weight. I want to come back at least decent;) Not to say that I have gotten fat but just that I want to come back looking good. I might need one more little package with a few things the biggest being one more can of murrays hair gel haha. and a good long sleeve white shirt that I can wear home. 16 and 1/2 neck and 34/35 sleeves. I will need to buy a new suit here to come home because after months of use here in brazil with stains and holes this one just wont make it home together;) We are marrying a couple here and are going to work with them to have their baptism for this saturday. It hasnt really gotten better with the branch president but at least our WML is totally on board with us! Its a great area here and I wouldnt mind finishing the mission here but at the same time I would love to finish the mission in one last area. But we will see what happens! Keep praying for me! Im trying to literally kill myself out here. I´ll send pictures next week of my pair of shoes I bought 3 months ago! I am going to get them re-soled this week;) but yeah trunky is weakness but as we now weaknesses can be made into strengths;) Pray for me and for my area!!! LOVE YALL!!!

The favela we found

Our zone with the visiting member of the 70 and our mission president

Looking GQ

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