Monday, August 10, 2015

Haha next to last Report..

Haha well I think I wont be emailing my last Pday just because We will be in a meeting for self sufficieny all day but I will next week! Haha I honestly dont have much to say.. We are knocking alot of doors because we dont have many solid investigators... Yeah and I had to go to Itararé (city on the border of Paraná and São Paulo) and dang they had a sweet cave there!! I took some sweet pics! I am trying to find some cool souvenirs but dang its SUPER hard!! hahah every time I pick somehting up and think if it will remind me of Brazil I just go brain dead and cant decide if I should buy it... I think it is more the fact that I have kind of turned into a mão de vaca which translated exactly would be cows hand but real meaning would be someone who doesnt like dropping money... hahah but I am finding some cool cheap stuff! This thursday we will be having our exit interviews with President. I am like I said rather nervous cause that will be it.... Its something you always know will happen but when it gets here you just kind of are like uhhhhhh........... carley remembers well probably! Well if you have anything you want me to buy yall please let me know by next week! do some research on braziliian stuff and if you find something cool I will look for it and get one. Love yall!!! man I cant wait to hear texas english!!!

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