Monday, August 3, 2015

3 Weeks...

Well this week was a crazy one... I had to run a mile and half sprinting to go to an investigators house who called us telling me he couldnt take life anymore... He hung up the phone call saying Im going to kill myself.... so you can imagine how fast I ran... Long story short everything worked out we took him to the church where they were having an Elders quorum activity and he called us after it was over telling us how much it helped... We were very relieved! Haha I had a very fun conversation with My comp telling him he has to stop saying things that are completley false.. I have gotten good at resolving problems without overreacting since being on the mission so he took it well and we are working on it together! hahah my last interview with president with be the 13th and man Im stinking nervous cause then its all getting real. I hasnt exactly hit me yet how close it is which is a good thing for sure but Im nervous cause I know thats going to be a tough interview to have! I should get all the packages and letters that have been sent recently here in a bit. The ZL's are going to sao paulo this week and Will come to itapeva next week, I will let yall know. We found a small favella here which is sweet looking and which I didnt think existed here! haha it is sweet! But Should be a good week!! LOVE YALL!!!

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