Monday, July 27, 2015

What a Baptism!

Well this week finally came the baptism of a couple we have been teaching for a few weeks. I played the role of Elder Matchmaker and married them on Thursday and we had their baptism on Saturday! Man was it an awesome baptism, one of the best on the mission thus far for sure. The man cried haha but the woman stayed strong during the service;) Dang it was a great baptism to have the last transfer. We hope to have 2 more at least. Itll take alot of work but we have got it in us. Haha by far this Comp is one of the funniest. I have heard more untrue statements in the last two weeks than I have heard in my entire life. Haha its like dwight shrute from the office when he says "fact" and then precedes to say something except my comp always says something totally false, so I have had the opportunity to ressurect one of my favorite words "False!!" haha he just is different but funny and he is liking the work here. We are starting to run to the church every morning and play soccer or basketball. It is pretty fun. Its a pretty good start to the day. Man I love some of the members here. We have alot of help here in the branch. Haha man I am always tired..... but its a good tired;) Well we´ll keep working hard here and yall do the same there! Love yall!!!

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