Monday, July 20, 2015


Well the biggest struggle with being 6 hours from the mission office is how much we have to spend to make trips to reach other Elders and catch buses paid for by the mission... Luckily we can get reimbursed for our travels but it takes a lot of time to get money back!! just for an example I handed in a reimbursement for 200 reais this week.... we drop a ton of money on travel!!! But hey at least its always a charter bus;) This week was a good one. My comp is pretty different. Kinda prideful cause of the whole portugal thing being in Brazil but considering I am finishing the mission I kinda of just call him out on it and he accepts the corrections. He has 19 months on the mission but has had some obedience problems so president has put him with me to help him turn his mission around and finish strong. He wants to put him as a Senior companion this next transfer so I am just going to work him back into shape. And speaking of in shape me and him have started running in the mornings... hahah i know i know with just 6 weeks left but hey better late then never huh?! I want to come home looking good;) I plan on working out pretty hard as well. These last 4 months I have been working out pretty well just been lacking the cardio! But dang was I sore after running the first time!!! it took me like 4 days to recover. Yesterday I was like dying... had a pretty bad fever and my throat was way inflamed, but the members here take good care of me and hooked me up with an herbal tea that helped soothe a bit. I just have a super sore throat today the fever passed I think. We should have a good week this week! Dang haha these members are sooo funny I dont know if every area is like this but everyone is always telling me "OH 5 weeks Elder!!" haha its super funny, a bit annoying, but super loving nonetheless. Dang well pray for me that I can lose some weight and more importantly help some people here in the area;) LOVE YALL!!!

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