Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bom Semana!

Good Week this week. Although it is practically impossible to find new investigators here the work is still super fun! Our finding efforts are starting to get pretty hard because we are limited to just a college campus and a mall to find YSA's so we have really been trying to work with the members ALOT!!!!!

The softball game going on at COS the local college.. Of course it was raining so no one wanted to talk to us!

Continue to pray for us that we can find solid investigators please! Obrigado! (thank you) Soo Some fun stuff from this past week:
Went Golfing On preparation day last week! Haha i was soooo bad but it was soooo much fun! It was like 5 Dollars and we (me and 3 other elders) played in our proselyting clothes! So crazy! Check the pics!
Can you see my ball 330 Yards down the middle?? good cause i cant either..... But hey that form is impeccable!!

GOLFING! my companion is on the left! (my right)

Haha sooo i figured the time would come when i would have to eat a sandwich loaded with mayo (Dallas can't stomach mayo, if you ever get a chance ask him about his "surprise birthday lunch" when mom showed up with a burger from a fast food place during his lunch time and a class mate ratted him out for throwing away his lunch because his sandwich had mayonnaise on it) and that time came this week when we went to a members home for dinner and she had on each plate a huge sub sandwich loaded with meat veggies and MAYO... And guess what... i choked it down without any hesitation! haha! Funny thing was was that my companion hates mayo too so we both just smiled and chomped away! 

I went on an exchange with an elder in a spanish area in a place called farmersville.... you can imagine what the city was like with a name like farmersville- pastures and spanish people everywhere. We stayed in a shack! But it was really funny cause i could understand alot of what they said but i couldnt say anything. 
THE SHACK! and yes that is a dish but dont worry it isnt connected to anything;)
So alot of the time i would say i speak portuguese and they would just smile and they would correct me on the words that werent the same in spanish haha but it was fun! 

On that exchange we met with an investigator who they had only taught like twice and when i said I was waiting to go to Brazil He was like Oh i have a soccer jersey from brazil and so long story short he gave it to me for free! It is stinkin sweet! I will send a pic next week hopefully! 

Did service literally all day saturday! Helped move two different members and it was the first day thus far that i havent put on a white shirt and tie all day! We started at like 8:30 and went to like 9:15

And cool story this week is that California has been really suffering from a drought during this winter season and hadnt seen rain in like a month and a half. So last sunday for fast sunday the entire state held a fast for rain... And it rained like three days this week! Of course one of the days being when i was on a bike in the spanish area but it rained!!!! 

Mission life is hard but sooooooo stinkin fun! Been reading this week through the gospels in Matthew and I just love reading about all the miracles christ performed!!! The priesthood truly is the power of God! 

I love you all sooooooo much!!! Keep me updated on the FBI clearance thing because it is bothering me that it hasnt come in yet..... But it is all in the Lords Timing! Keep up all of the awesome work! Any cool missionary moments this week?!
Dairy farms out here.... We probably werent supposed to touch them but we couldnt resist...

The cows out here are sketchy! haha so funny!


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