Monday, February 17, 2014

Great Week to be a Mormon Missionary!

Finding was a great success this week! Elder Reid and I truly had a miracle happen this past week! We were doing a new member lesson with a girl that was recently baptized and also teaching one of her friends at The College here and after we finished the lesson as we were about to leave but we saw a poster talking about how on the next day was this thing called "Club Rush" where any organization can come and set up a table and talk about their club with the students. We were kinda disappointed when we saw that registrations were due like two weeks earlier but we figured we would go in a talk with the head women any way. So we started talking to her and turns out our branch here has a LDS student association on the campus and all we had to do was go get a teacher (obviously Mormon) to sponsor our club so that we could get a table! But the only problem was that we had to get a LDS teacher to fill out the form within like 20 minutes because they closed at like 4:30.. So Elder Reid racked his brain and remembered the dad of one of our ward members worked at COS (College of the Sequoias) and funny enough practically right next door and was working at the exact time we needed him! So long story short he filled out the form, we got a table at the Club Rush and we got like 30 Potential Investigators that we are trying to contact now!

That is the table we set up at club rush! haha my floral arrangement skills have payed off... Just kidding but i think we did a heck of a job with the presentation!;)

It seriously was a huge blessing because like I said last week finding has been difficult and I have been praying for better finding opportunities and We have been richly blessed! Oh how great it is to be a Mormon Missionary! Hope all is well in everyones lives! Not to much happened that stands out, just a solid week all around! Been reading alot of talks this week and I loved the ones you sent Dad as well as the recent talk given by Tad R. Callister of the 70 in January entitled "What is the Blueprint of Christ's Church" I encourage EVERYONE to read it! If you read it you will know that this Church is in fact the True Church of Jesus Christ. Not to say others are bad, but Christ himself established one church when he was here thus there is only one that is indeed his Church and you can read all about it in that talk! I love you all!! Tem um Bom Semana! (Have a Good Week)!

Check out that part! Haha we have to have a part in our hair every day! It sets us A-Part!!

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