Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Otimo Seman! Awesome Week!

So this week has been probably the best week thus far since coming into this new area. We have seen alot of success and miracles this week! One miracle we had was we contacted someone on the street one night and the next day we went by and saw him at his home. As we taught him he just opened up more and more and at the end when i asked if he wanted to be baptized he Promptly replied the nails on a chalkboard phrase to missionaries "Ive already been baptized" Of course as we were about to go into depth on the need to be re-baptized he says "...but i feel as though i need to be re-baptized..." We literally almost started laughing at how he said it. It was like the spirit was like here you dont need to say anything, "i got this one". Because he literally said it as we were opening our mouths to answer him.

So we are planning on April 13th hopefully. He came to church this sunday and stayed for sacrament and said he loved it so pray for him. His name is "L". We also have a baptism this sunday for a guy named "R". he has had some issues in his past but he has made such a remarkable turn around in his life. He Has dropped all issues with The word of wisdom and Law of chastity and has committed to paying tithing! He is soo awesome! Crazy news this week.......... Elder Reids visa got somehow rejected because of one small mistake on one page so the First presidency has assigned him a new mission call and He is going to Cape Verde! Portuguese speaking. He is sooo nervous. This has really strengthened our relationship. We hope to continue to stay strong and keep this work progressing! Pray for the baptism that is supposed to happen this sunday! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!


I was going for "what's up?"

Sketchy painting of Harry Houdini on a house near our apartment

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