Saturday, April 26, 2014

Very Interesting Week

Haha sooo this week has been a rather long and very entertaining week. I have been with My district leader and his companion all this week in preparation for my new companion on tuesday. His name is Elder Vonk and he isnt a visa waiter but he did come out with me! From what i hear he is awesome!! So Im pumped!! Haha but this week has been a crazy week covering two rather large areas... I didnt get a whole lot done in my area but we worked hard in their area.  I did find two new invetsigators and we set three [baptismal] dates for may 10th but we will see how solid they are. I am excited about the new companion and the opportunity to be in this area for another transfer. That is crazy that during this transfer is Mothers day.... Whoa where did the time go... But nonetheless I am excited to talk to yall!

Easter was awesome! I gave a talk in sacrament meeting on the new video that came out called Because of Him. It is on It is probably the best video I have ever seen! so powerful yet so simple! We had 2 dinners and a dessert yesterday that we went to so as you can guess i was stuffed.... I love the members here in Visalia! They are all awesome! Im soo glad i am here! You know everyday that goes by the whole brazil thing becomes more of a fantasy.. Not to say i am totally done but it is hard to even think about it because of how long i have been here! Good news is i Love it here! The tri-companionship has been soo fun though. We have been having a blast but i am definitely excited to finally have a companion again. Thanks for all the emails I love you all sooooo much!!! Keep up the awesome work!!

Mom got this text message on Saturday...

Hi Sister Schoen! 
We just had the privilege of taking your son and his companion to dinner. 
Elder Schoen was the first to have eaten completely the Burrito Gigantic. 
More pics coming. 

Sister Schoen
Your son has been teaching a co-worker of mine, Sheila Dills. 
Please keep her in your prayers for us too. 
Your son has been one of the best missionary teachers that 
my husband and I have experienced.  Thank you! 
Ever grateful, Elder n Sister Torgeson. 
(We r Service Missionaries for Addiction Recovery Program;)
He is enjoying it!

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