Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother's Day

So this week has been... I honestly cant even remember! It was just one of those weeks where nothing really happened. We did an exchange and I went with my District leader's companion. His name is Elder Anderson and he is CRAZY.. Haha he literally was talking every single second of the exchange. I will say though that he is a ton of fun. He has what we like to call a "butt part" meaning he parts his hair right down the middle of his head haha! I love him. We didn't really have any success this week in the area. Kinda bland but overall it was a good week!

I am learning to not let little things bother me anymore. Good lesson to learn Huh! I have been studying 3rd Nephi in the Book of Mormon and have found great revelation as i have studied. The pride cylce that the nephites go through is something i am trying to relate to myself! Especially in Missionary work. when things start going good i get prideful and eventually my area begins to suffer which humbles me! I am trying to stay humble though! I am grateful for the lessons I have learned being out here! It will be awesome talking to yall on Mothers day! I will get your info probably through a member contacting you! so be ready to respond! it will probably be later in the day like 5 ish or maybe earlier depending on our schedule and what elder vonk wants to do! Love you!!

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