Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What a Week!

So before I address the rather insane news I opened up to when I logged on (his visa was approved/arrived and he will soon be on his way to Brazil!), I will start with addressing the week! I LOVE my new companion! He is hysterical! He is from south carolina! He is a musical genius! He plays every instrument except like 3. He is an awesome singer and loves basketball. He is only 5'7 so he envies my height so we have some fun together. Plus we got out of the corrola and we are now driving a Chevy Colorado! Sweetness! Not much this week as far as new investigators. We are teaching the same people and are really praying they will have a change of heart! Most are prepared for baptism they are just holding themselves back! 

NOW for the rather crazy news dad informed me of... If that is true- i will have a coronary..... I am already hyperventilating... My mission president will call me soon and probably let me know of the news if it is really to good to be true! If it is true I will embrace this experience with complete trust that that is where I am supposed to be! I will continue to prepare myself in all aspects in preparation! I love you all soooo much!!

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