Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!

Another week flown by! Holy cow this transfer has been a complete blur it feels like! Looking back it is hard to even remember what happened this week! In fact nothing really to grand happened. So I will just tell you about our 4th of July Celebration! So mission policy is that you have to have your car parked or bikes locked up at home by 6:00 pm. The only way you could be out is by having a member drive you for the night. So it being the 4th of July no missionary wants to be inside all night. So us and another set of Elders went with a member to The city Firework show at the Mineral King bowl (the local high school stadium). It was really fun they had a band that played covers of alot of classics from the 70's 80's and 90's and even some current stuff. Not the best quality but I'm not complaining;) The firework show started at like 9:00 and went for like 40 minutes while good ole 4th of July music was playing! Personal favorite was "I'm Proud to be an American!!" kinda mad they didnt play courtesy of the red white and blue though! Awesome night! hope everyone enjoyed their 4th's! Kinda glad I was hear in the states to feel the Patriotism;) I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Tem um Bom Semana! Have a good week!

Our new president is fantastic. I absolutely love him and sister Clark! They are going to be great! Haha "J" was not baptized this Saturday unfortunately! We are hoping for the beginning of August! Good thing we have the spirit to read our investigators cause if i didnt i would be a lost cause.
Haha yeah looking at pics of the family always brings peace to my heart. So you got sappy looking at them? :) You know its funny you say that word "bold", because before my mission I did not believe myself to be a very bold person. In some regards even still i dont see myself as bold, but when teaching I have found myself to fit that description. I feel as though that is the way the spirit directs me is to be bold and assuring. I am grateful every day to have that gift.

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