Monday, June 30, 2014

Another Week Down!

Holy cow another week has come and gone!! It is scary how fast time is starting to fly! Not too bad of a week! We found a new investigator named Jennifer whose sister is being taught by another set of Elders. She came to church yesterday and we hope to hold a baptism for her this Saturday so she can be baptized with her sister! I have really enjoyed my time here in the California Fresno Mission. President Gelwix is officially home right now! President Clark is now here and we will have our Meet the Mission President tomorrow! I'm pretty excited! It'll be weird if I have to leave after getting to know him. Haha so everyone here is talking about the world cup and how Brazil almost lost.. Dang... Every time someone mentions Brazil I always get a little nervous because if I go it will be completely new to me. Ohhh well it would be sweet if it happens. I hit my 9 month mark this past week and dang it is sad every time a milestone hits cause that is one day less of being a missionary.

I am loving my time here though! I look forward to this upcoming transfer. I got to see my Trainer for the first time since I left my first area like 6 months ago! It was really fun to see him again. We had a training up in Fresno given by Greg Mckeown. It was pretty good! All about "essentialism: how to decide what is needed and what isn't". I am looking forward to the week ahead!! Should be awesome! Love you all!!

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