Monday, June 9, 2014

Hello All!

OLA!! fun week this week. Lots of funny memories made. Too many little stories, so you will have to wait till I get home to hear them;) I haven't talked about my studies in awhile so this week I have really been studying Chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel. I have learned a great deal on Humility and Patience, two areas that I have always struggled in.

Sweet license plate: California Fresno Mission

Patience is something I am definitely growing in, but am continuing to be humbled ever so often. This past week we were dropped by an investigator that we had been teaching for a few weeks. His dad got rather upset at us for teaching the Law of Chastity... He didnt like us saying it was bad to have sexual relations before marriage, so he basically dropped us for "R" (our investigator) by kicking us out of the house. Kinda frustrating.

P day photo shoot

Also I have been struggling with loving others, including my companion. We are doing great work together, I just haven't had the love that I really want to have for him. I am really studying Chapter 6 in order to better myself and find more love for others. I am excited for the coming weeks. We have 3 Investigators right now preparing for baptism. "B-girl", "A-boy", and "C-boy". They are all awesome and we are looking forward to getting them into the waters of baptism this month! I know I have said this a bunch but I love this area soooo much!!

The members here are seriously such good friends of mine already. I am soo happy that I have had the chance to serve here for these past 4 months! Everything is going great here. I bought myself two new short sleeve shirts in preparation for this summer coming up... It is going to be soooooo stinkin hot.... Should be good though! Maybe I will shed a few pounds;) Hows everyone's missionary efforts going?! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Check out that temperature

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