Monday, June 16, 2014

Whoa, this week flew by!!!

Dang as I sit here typing this I honestly feel like I blinked and realized a week passed! Soo stinkin quick! Not too bad of a week this week! Still pretty frustrating that we havent had a baptism in like a month and a half... I know that is that long but We have like three investigators that are soooooo close... Hopefully by the end of June. Sorry I havent been including to many stories from the mission. I have been keeping a detailed journal, (haven't missed a day yet!!) So i have a lot of stories to share for my return.

There have been sooooo many memories made out here. I think one of my favorite things about the mission are the people you meet. Missionaries, members, and nonmembers. I have made soo many great relationships! The question "Have you heard any news on Brazil yet?" from everyone hasnt gotten old... (sarcasm!) But I am loving every second of the work here in Cali even if it is 100+ daily:)

I have grown much greater in my love for my companion (insert Courtney's note: this was a concern and his #1 prayer as of last week's e-mail) and am really seeing a greater connection between the both of us.

So glad to hear girls camp went well!! I pray for everyone daily! Something i forgot to include last week was that we had stake conference and we had a member of the Quorum of the Seventy come. Elder Acosta. He said and I quote "If you aren't praying at least 5 times a day, you arent coming unto Christ." I was like DANG! he said it kinda humorously but their is still a great message to that. We have such a wonderful blessing with the opportunity to pray. A literal communication with our Heavenly father! use it!! LOVE YOU ALL!! I love Visalia soo much! I hope to finish my fresno mission here before brazil hopefully:) we get our new mission president here in about two weeks! Soo excited!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

Also funny story is that i have made a deal with an investigator that i wont eat Taco bell (my favorite) if she wont drink her alcohol (her favorite);) It has been rough not eating it for like a month and a half but she hasnt drank any alcohol either!

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