Monday, June 23, 2014

Dang! Another fast week!

Holy cow me and Elder Vonk keep laughing at how fast these weeks are passing by. You know I laugh at how different me and Elder Vonk are. We like the complete opposite things. He likes Cars,  he is super quiet, and likes this card game called magic. I like sports, and definitely being bold with people. Bold but not overbearing, so don't anyone worry. But you know what? I thank Heavenly Father every day for this chance to serve with him because he is teaching me sooo much. I have learned so many valuable life lessons and have really shaped myself into a much better missionary with his help!

Transfers come July 15th and they are coming soooo fast! Craziest thing is that President Gelwix ends his Mission Next Monday!!! He has a week left! We had our last zone conference with him and i bought a forever strong dvd and had him sign it for me with one of my favorite quotes from the movie;)

You will have to wait and see;) Plus you all should watch it again cause it is such an awesome movie! I have been getting stressed this past week and not really sure exactly why... I am thinking it is because we havent baptized since being with Elder Vonk. We are still working with a few that are ready they are just holding themselves back. Rather frustrating. Pray for "B-girl" and "A-boy" please! I had the opportunity to speak again in Sacrament meeting yesterday on "Spiritual Whirlwinds". The same topic spoken on by Neil L Anderson this Conference. It was really good I felt like. Helaman 5:12 describes the perfect way to combat spiritual whirlwinds! President Clark will arrive here on Monday, like i said, and we will get to meet with him individually on July 5th from what I hear. Should be awesome. The Visa thing is still a popular subject for members to quiz me on and will continue to be until i get my visa i think haha. Oh well I still keep up with with a lot of the missionaries I knew in the MTC who were going to Brazil. Good for them! Glad to hear everyone had a good week!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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