Monday, January 5, 2015

Feliz Ano Novo!!!!

Well I can honestly say it is shocking to say that it is 2015!!! WOAH! Time has flown by! New years was louco!!!! haha I had to have lost a little bit of my hearing!! Fireworks here are not built for the beauty they portray but for the noise they make! but none the less it was awesome celebrating with the brazilians!

The awesome fireworks here!
We had an awesome view from the balcony of the other elders apartment where we slept new years night. at 12 when the fireworks went off we all went to the balcony and it was awesome! Everywhere we looked had fireworks one of those mission moments I wont forget! No baptism this week... But hopefully we will have a couple next week! we have 2 marked! One of the cool things that happened this week was for the first time since being here I actually taught a Brazilian in English haha! He spoke really well and only spoke to me in English so it was pretty awesome! He said he is making a trip to New york next week and was super proud about it. He says he wants to live in the states... I have to agree... ;)

Beautiful Day in the neighborhood here in Ariston
For my new years resolutions I have a lot of things that I will do personally to better myself as a missionary and man for when I return but one I thought I would share that is more temporal is My companion are going to get jacked! haha not really jacked but we have started a workout schedule and are really hitting it hard! Should be great! The work is rocking and rolling here still and we are seeing alot of blessings and miracles in our area! The mission really is a blast when you are working well and have an awesome companion like I have! I love yall and hope everyone has a rock solid year this year or at least until I get home;)

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