Monday, December 29, 2014

Feliz Natal/ Ano Novo!!!

Well let me start by saying it was awesome getting to talk to yall!!!!!!! I know the connection was not the best but we get what we get;) and honestly this late in the mission it is more about hearing yall and getting to chat and most importantly having the opportunity to bear my testimony for yall. That really means alot to me. I want each of yall to know what the mission has done to me and for me. It has changed me beyond description. Im grateful everyday for the chance to be here in Brazil sharing this wonderful gospel. I was telling my companion the other day Brazil has turned into home for me. The first month was difficult adjusting but now Im not reacting to the differences and I dont think twice at what takes place here. Haha .

So since the skype call we had one heck of a day on Saturday. I dont remember if I made mention of the young girl who has a phobia of water. She has tried to have us baptize her 3 times.  every time she gets ready to enter the font, she starts crying and runs away... So on Friday, we passed by to talk with her about what we can do. After much prayer between us as a companionship, we decided it was time to just try and "trick" her in a sense... so we explained the fact we were going to do a practice run with her. We had Bishop pick her up and bring her to the church. We had her change, let her enter the water by herself until she felt comfortable, and then Bishop entered the font with her to merely "show her" where she puts her hands and what he says (the baptismal prayer) haha and then came the best part when /Bishop throws her underneath the water! haha Bishop made sure she went under completely! It was a miracle in itself! I am grateful she was finally baptized and the funny part is after the baptism she came up and said "I wanted to stay in!" But Im grateful for the White Christmas we had in a sense getting to baptise her christmas weekend! It truly was a blessing!! Im glad to hear everyone's Christmas went well! Im soo grateful for all you do for me and I thank my Heavenly Father EVERY SINGLE DAY for all of you! I LOVE YALL!!!

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