Monday, December 8, 2014


We saw the miracle of a baptism this week and because of one mother setting the example by being baptized yesterday, we have marked 2 more dates for this week with two of her children! As well we have a baptism for our investigator "M" who was only waiting for clearance which was given by our Mission President! So we hope to have 3 baptisms this week!!

We have made a goal of trying to work a little smarter this week. Because of the size of our area we end up walking alot because we are having to go from one place to another and it can take a ton of time. So we are trying to set appointments that live close together at the same time roughly! We hope to see miracles from our efforts!

I was rather sick saturday and sunday and with the sickness brought the first  and second time throwing up on the mission. but Im recovering now so all is well! Not sure what i got but it knocked me out pretty bad! some brasilian bug prabably! Hope to see  a ton of miracles this week!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

The awesome routes we get to take!

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