Monday, December 22, 2014

Feliz Natal!!!

Well it has been one heck of a week!! Not to much craziness has happened except for somethings that can only be described as usual in Brasil!! We had transfers this week and let me say it has been amazing having a new companion! Im with √Člder Nunes from Rio de Janeiro and dang he is great. for not having any of the same background we get along great!!! Im happy to have him here working with me. What I like most is that we actually joke with one another! haha the day after transfers I woke up and told him that carley would be getting home at like 6 our time and we forgot about it. Haha then at 6 o´clock on the dot as we were walking he tells me to stop. So we stop and he asks "Elder What is happening right now" I being a bit confused said walking to an appointment... and he asks "Noooo what is happening right now at this moment....." and finally it hits me and he justs starts dying laughing its moments like that that make a companionship awesome. We went and had probably the strangest Sunday meeting on the mission... We went to church for one hour cause we went to get our investigators and they took forever!! Our mission president spoke in our ward and then immediately after the meeting our ward mission leader and some young dad in the ward got in to like a brawl outside as one of our companionships here tried to have a baptism. Apparently the young guy head butted his wife.... As i said earlier... only things that happen in Brasil... The whole story will have to wait for in person! Well it is fun having 3 sets of Elders here. We have 3 americans and 3 brazilians! haha it is weird leading everyone cause only two of us stayed and the other elder that was already here only has like 5 weeks on the mission! I LOVE THIS AREA THOUGH!!! Literally the members are soooo amazing! My portuguese isn't a concern of mine anymore which is nice. As carley can attest once you stop thinking about the language the mission is SOOOOO much fun!! but as far as logistics We are going to skype from here ON Christmas Day at 6 oclock our time here so i think it will be like 2 oclock your time there?i think i still have a list courtney sent last christmas with all your account names and stuff so i will use that to call. keep your emails open so we can communicate if need be. LOVE YOU ALL!!!! FELIZ NATAL!!!

skyping with Elder Schoen on Christmas (Cam & Courtney's call)

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