Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nov. 18 letter & Pics

'Hasnt been to cold here usually just like 60's! It's really pleasant! Thank you everyone who has sent mail and stuff!

life of a missionary--so humble and so much different than his totally decked-out sports themed room at home

Elder Lord, Elder Schoen and some happy new members of the YSA ward in Fresno!

 My companion is great he is from Bountiful, Utah and we get along great! Being in a YSA ward definitely is weird but it is really fun! I'm teaching people my own age basically! It really is awesome here! President Gelwix is amazing! Me and my companion will be eating thanksgiving dinner with our ward! Dad is sending my weekly report! Love you!

2ND E-MAIL/MORE FROM DAD: This week was another good one! time really flies here in the field! We are starting to gain the trust of the ward members which should be great cause they have a lot of friends they want to bring into the church! So we'll see if they trust us enough to have us help. We had a baptism yesterday for Bianca which we kinda inherited from the past missionaries but it was great to get to be witnesses for her baptism. She will be confirmed next week. We have three other investigators that all have a baptism date and are progressing really well. And for one of them we are actually having to plan a wedding right before the baptism so they can be married before they are baptized! should be fun! The people in Fresno are a lot like texas people it feels like except way different ... We have gotten the door slammed in our faces a couple times which is really fun! haha seeing people act like we are contagious and we bite... some people will talk through their door so we can't hear what they say.. it really makes me laugh! One of the times I was like "we dont bite!" and they we're like ohhh i know it just dont want you to give me anything which made me laugh;) The work can be challenging at times but it is very rewarding. My companion and I get along really well. We are really working hard! being in a ysa ward is really weird but kinda fun cause we are teaching everyone our own age! The language is getting hard to keep up but i am starting to work with one of the returned missionaries from brazil to keep up with the language! Missionary work really is amazing! I love testifying soooooo much now;) Its all i do! I love you all soo much!!

Ate Mais (Until More) Com Amor ( with Love)

Elder Schoen

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