Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Turkey Week

All is well here in Fresno! Tell everyone I really do appreciate their love and prayers being sent my way! I can really feel the strength coming from all their prayers (D&C 29:6)

And, as it is written—Whatsoever ye shall aask in bfaith, being cunited in prayer according to my command, ye shall receive.

'Im just going to answer your (my dad's) questions because nothing really happened this week just a lot of doors slammed in the face and people not interested but man do I love this work!!!!!!!! For my area- it is going really good! we are starting to gain the trust of our ward and people are starting to refer us to their friends which is awesome! The young adults are all great! My companion and I are seriously getting along so great! We are really working hard and although we haven't seen a whole lot of success, we are waiting patiently for the miracles to happen.

We are teaching an investigator right now who is REALLY close to baptism but is struggling keeping a commandment, but he is for sure going to be baptized! Hopefully soon! YSA ward is kinda different (insert Courtney's note: he never attended a young single adult ward before he left, he only attended the family ward) but pretty fun!

We have a meal appointment like every night which is fun! A lot of going out to eat funny enough so to answer your next question, yes i am gaining weight but I'm dieting and working out more now so I can lose it before I go to Brazil! The biggest things I have gotten good at are getting ready superrrrrrrr fast and planning out in -epth! I also have found a new love for Tapatio (hot sauce).. I put it on everything! Our transfers are just 6 weeks but if my visa doesnt come I will most likely be here for two transfers! We have very good district meetings and i learn alot about how to better myself as a missionary! Apparently next week we are having a 70 come for our zone meeting! (insert Courtney's note: "a 70" refers to someone in our church leadership, you can see the image below or read more here: It should be good!


Im doing really good with my journal! havent missed a day yet! Full pages too! We will see if i can keep it up cause it can be hard sometimes but i will try! Im trying my VERY hardest to keep my language up! i.e. talking in Portuguese to my companion, teaching members in Portuguese while my companion teaches in english (they love it when i do that), and talking with all the RM's (Returned Missionaries) from brazil! As far as my visa stuff, i called president gelwix and talked to him about what to do and he says that he has had to do this before so he knows how to help;) so everything should work out just great! Honestly Missionary Work is the Greatest!!!!! It is soooo much fun talking to everyone! even when people slam doors in your faces you learn to grow every second!! This mission truly is changing me in sooooooo many ways!! :) LOVE YOU ALLLL SOOOO MUCH!!

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