Friday, December 27, 2013

Feliz Natal

You can call our cell phone on Wednesday at what looks to be like 11 my time. We have only 40 Minutes no longer! But we will use it no worries! When you call, if I can figure out the skype thing i will set it up on my end and see if i can get it working and then we will just use skype, but if not we can just call!

My parents and Cassidy talking to Dallas on Christmas day

If carley is calling at 11:15, when you call me you will have to tell me what account you want me to connect with and then you can use the other one for carley! that would be cool if we were on at the same time! Still call at 11:00 and if that doesnt work out we can hang up set a time later to talk and you can wait till carley is done and then after just call me back at the new time we set. But still call our cell phone at like 11 and we will move quickly to figure out logistics. Awesome week this week that i will tell you about in the call!

Found some new investigators and have really started gaining the trust of our ward members which is awesome! Like i said though is the call will be 40 minutes but cant go much longer because we need to be exactly obedient! I have been opening all the gifts and they are awesome! I have saved a ton for Christmas but have been opening the 12 days of Chirstmas ones! Love the tape recorder!

Make sure though if we end up skyping that you have solid internet connection because any lost time is still part of the 40 minutes. He (President Gelwix) says that is one of the bad parts of using skype. But we will see how it goes! Cant wait to talk! Love you all!!

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