Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dec. 9 Update

SO this week was good not great! Had a lot of lessons fall through which is super frustrating but to our great surprise we still snagged 6 new investigators for the week and all seem pretty solid! We will see how prepared they are! 

Elder Schoen and Brother Larsen in Fresno, CA

As you know i saw the larsens! which was fun! haha. (insert Courtney's note: Mr. Larsen/Brother Larsen is one of my dad's mission companions from the Paris, France mission back 100 years ago, just kidding)

We had a travel trainer with us for a couple days and he was sooooo trunkie. but he was fun! We are getting fed every night!! Haha and there is this steak house here that i have eaten at like 6 times already that is soooo good!  DOGHOUSE GRILL Is what it is called! sooo good! me and elder lord are working hard and starting to gain the trust of the ward which is crucial! Transfers end next week which im sooo pumped for! even though i will be staying most likely;) Not much by way of interesting stuff this week and it is all in my journal so it is hard to remember but the stories are there;) I will try to have better emails for you next week and hopefully some pictures! I want to know about sports!!!!!!!!! keep me updated please!! ;) haha every time i see a game i want to watch but i cant.. so i need you to tell me! Sorry this isnt very long but im doing good staying safe and im loving life! 

We had Elder Porter of the 70 come and give us training on the gospel of Jesus Christ and it was great! Hopefully our solid investigator will keep a commandment so we can baptize him soon! Love you Soooooooo much!

Elder Schoen!

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