Monday, December 16, 2013

We're Playing Basketball! Favorite Missionary Experience

What a week! SO i have officially been here a transfer as of Wednesday so i don't feel so green anymore;) But seriously this has been such an amazing experience! So i promised a long email about the week so here it goes! We have had some great experiences teaching this week! My favorite experience since being out....

Ok so we were tracting one night in an apartment complex for college students and when we got there we parked next to a basketball court and when we got out I had the feeling I needed to talk to the guys playing ball. I figured it was just me telling myself that, though, so we went on our way and went and talked to some people. During our talking, I kept feeling like we should talk to the guys playing basketball, but I kept letting it go. SO about an hour passed and as we came back to the car they were still playing so I got the message at this point and I walked up and asked if i could give them one of our pass along cards.

Elder Lord, Elder Schoen and President Gelwix

They said they would take one if we beat them in a game of basketball.... You can imagine my excitement... So before we played i compromised. I said that we would play only if they would hear our message after we won. They agreed and needless to say, I made sure we didn't lose. We won 11-0. Haha so afterwards we taught the three of them and we have met with them one more time and one of the three says that he will be baptized when he knows it's true! And I'm telling you he is solid. He came with a typed up list of questions. and he came telling us all about how he wants to research the right way so he used and He is really awesome!

We are still hoping our investigator "M" will make it to the 28th for baptism. We also have a girl named "S" who is planning on getting baptized but her dad hates the idea of her being a part of the church but she is such a solid investigator! I'm loving every second of being out here! My companion will now be the new DL over our district, so that should be fun. We are gaining the trust of our ward members which is really helpful in keeping the work going! I'm having to take time to fix some of the visa complications which is rather frustrating but everything will work out. I am putting all the home information as the primary info they need so you will be able to work out any further problems hopefully! SO the way the Christmas calling is working this year is you will call our cell phone on Christmas day and we will get to talk for 40 min. I will email you the time to call next week. Should be great! We had a huge Christmas zone conference which was amazing! Loved it!

President Gelwix talked about the nativity and went into depth about Matthew 1 and 2 and Luke 2 and 3. Very spiritual and uplifting. Got the packages from everyone and i am planning on opening most of them on Christmas day! Other than the 12 days of Christmas ones, which I have opened the first two! LOVE THE SOCKS!!! I'm wearing them right now for preparation day!

Dallas' Christmas socks.

And the subway gift card is greatly appreciated! Thank you soooo much for the love you send my way! The church is true and I'm soo grateful for Jesus Christ! He is the reason for this season! I love you all soooo much and look forward to talking to you all more both through email and talking on Christmas!
Elder Schoen!

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