Monday, November 17, 2014


Well it is sad that I'm not very good at the puns so yeah my subject lines will usually always be super boring... But the good news is my new area is AWESOME!!! Man I love the people here. The ward is a few weeks away from splitting because of the size of the ward!!! the work here is crazy!! we are teaching like mad men!! My new comp is from Chile and he has 4 months on the mission, but acts like he has 24 months under his belt. He likes going a thousand miles an hour and I just let him wear himself out most days. Haha like Thursday we had to stop at around 7 because he needed to sit down...I am going to let him wear himself out a little bit just enough to be able to talk to him about how things are going to work.. The members love me too! I am speaking actually really well all it took was a new area to boost my confidence;) We have another companionship in our ward with us. They are both Americans. One is a previous assistant who goes home the end of this transfer and the other is a fresh off the bus from the MTC missionary. The new missionary is from Texas to and is kinda lacking on the Portuguese but I'm trying to help my Texas brother out;) And no we don't all live together...Too bad I know... But the big news this week is we  had a baptism!! They had been teaching a really less active family (the mom is a returned missionary from Brazil) and the mom is coming back to activity. There 11 year old son said he wouldn't get baptized unless the dad baptized him..but the dad is against the church. We had a heart to heart with him and the mom and he accepted baptism and the cool thing is he wanted me to do it. It was a very warm welcome to the area! I am really looking forward to the work here and helping the people of Carapicuíba (the city, Ariston is the name of the ward) accept the gospel.

Pray for my companionship please that we can continue to get along and that he can speak Portuguese and not Spanish... haha. He always is trying to explain things in Spanish which is not good for me when I'm trying to learn Portuguese still!!! But it is fun hearing Spanish and practicing;) I LOVE YALL!!

Well this coming preparation day will be switched to next tuesday and we will be going to the temple in São paulo. I am not sure how much time i will have next week to email so if i dont get to you know why!! I will hopefully be able to read all of them but i probably wont get to respond to all of them!! I love you al!! have a fantastic week!!! 

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