Monday, November 3, 2014

It's beginning to feel a lot like SUMMER

ITS SOOOOO HOT!!!!! haha like seriously.... Im sweating like a pig.... but all is good cause im dropping weight;) Haha during this week it rained super hard one day and was a little chillier outside, but the following day I legitimately thought it was a joke cause when we walked outside from a lesson it was pouring rain, but the best part was that the sun was still shining... like seriously there was like three clouds in the sky.. and it was pouring!!

But it is good that it rained cause we are in a drought here. Well we had a pretty good week this week for the most part. We were out of our area a ton helping other people but when we were in our area we were trying to find some people to teach. We are a little small in our teaching pool. But we did find an awesome guy who is all about turning his life around. He has a problem with drinking but he is doing everything we ask him to do, so the Lord will definitely help him quit. My companion and I are doing great still. It is kinda funny cause we are a lot different and think about things differently but for some reason we have yet to fight or let our pride stop us from resolving something. I think honestly it is because we have both been on the mission for so long we just know how to work with one another. We painted an entire gym for a children's school here. It was a great service. I love brasilians kids, they are soo funny and sweet. They just remind me of cassidy when she was small. Super happy and energetic ALL the time!;) Not much by way of stories this week.. sorry yall. But my companion and I are getting prepped for christmas. we have a christmas tree set up and oranments are getting put on one day at a time. Christmas music is being played constantly in the apartment;) We have transfer calls next week and we are both really hoping that we stay as companions for christmas. Two americans on christmas will be nice;) Hope you all have an amazing week!!! LOVE YALL!!

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