Monday, February 2, 2015

Back to Trujillo

Haha well this week was a good one for sure with alot of interesting things happening! First off let me explain the subject line in that I am heading back to Trujillo to be in an area that was a neighbor to the area I was already serving in!! Haha its crazy to me.... I will probably end up doing divisions in my old area! I will be companions with a new missionary who just finished his training period.. He is American and has like 3-4 months on the mission.. From what I have heard... he is from utah... thats about it.. We will see what happens. The miracle of the week was the opportunity to baptize "Julia". What a story/ miracle. Like I mentioned last week our plan was to baptize "Don" (her boyfriend) as well.. Well the time of the baptism arrives and in comes "Julia" without "Don".. She looked a little shaken up and as we talked alone with her she told us that she had left "Don" after him trying to tell her to not get baptized so they could continue doing all the things we shouldnt do. Her response... I cant do that anymore after learning this.. I have to get baptized!! It was AWESOME!!!! Super sad leaving this area!!!!! I love these people and will miss everyone soooo much!! I know I have a work to do there in São Bento (my new area)!! We had an awesome zone conference this week!!! Learned alot and now have the great opportunity to apply it. Only one problem this week was Brazil doesnt have shoes larger than a size 10.... haha I may need your help after all... I will see if I can find some new brown shoes in my new area! Thanks for everything family!!! Love yall!!

What a baptism!

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