Monday, February 9, 2015

São Bento!

Haha well the new area is easiest to describe as exactly what I imagined Brazil being before the mission. It is a rather small area, but we have large amounts of Grassy land and a bunch of houses (majority still missing a wall or a roof;) We have like 50 members and we meet in a house that has been converted into a chapel... Yeah its pretty small... Let me just say it is the complete oppposite of the area I was serving in Ariston!!! We have some awesome members. We are going to hopefully have a baptism for a Young women here named Jessica so pray for her! My new companion is SUPER quiet... haha Its alright though I am changing him slowly but surely;) He is still learning portuguese... so I am helping him as best I can! He is a great elder though he teaches with great power and spirit! I am loving serving here and look forward to helping this area progress. We expect to see miracles here. I think it i somewhat starting to cool off.... I dont want to jinx it but maybe its a miracle;) Love you all!!!

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