Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb. 23: Great week!

haha well its getting harder and harder to come up with subject lines cause weeks are going faster and faster! But had a  good week for sure! Like i said we got to go to the temple and it was awesome as usual! The campinas temple is sooo beautiful! look it up and you will agree with me! Well we are really trying to kick this area into gear but this past week we got a little push back... alot of investigators being weak. So we are going to have to take a deep breath and push harder! Well this wednesday will make the 6 month mark until I am coming home. Honestly I Iove it cause it gives me the chance to take a mini inventory and rededicate myself to the last leg of the mission! But I will add it has gone by soooooo fast..... What makes it worse is when members say "your almost done!!" haha 6 months is still plenty of time! but even still I know it will pass fast!!! I love yall to the moon and back!!! I cant believe a week from today I will be 20! Dang I wont be a teenager..... dang I have to grow up! :) Nahh but I am excited! We will see what I will do for the b-day! pray for the people we are teaching here please! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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