Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25: 20 months

Well today marks 20 months on the mission and it has been nice having a companion who has the same time on the mission as me. We are much more focused because as everyone knows the closer you get to coming home the harder it is to stay focused. It is really nice that we are pushing each other to stay focused and finish with No Regrets! We say another miracle this week with two more baptisms that we found just one week ago. It is unbelievable how blessed we are. I have never felt so strong on the mission. I pray that I finish with these feelings that I am having right now. I am learning an awful lot about service in the Lords kingdom and how to efficiently and effectively serve. Lessons that I will no doubt carry with me for the rest of my life. I am reading Jesus the Christ alot now and have been learning quite abit of things that I have learned before but never really thought about. Its a great aid in knowing more about Christs role in everything. I was rather shocked to get the news of Uncle Freds passing and I cant imagine the power that is behind adam during this time of trial. All I know is there is without a doubt a greater force in his teaching and a greater love for the people. I know that the Brown family will be forever blessed because of Adams service during this time. What a great privelege it is to be blessed with the knowledge that Uncle Fred is still very much alive and is merely awaiting a joyful return of his loved ones to never again be plagued with illness or heartache. The Plan Of Salvation for those who have served is by far the best lesson shared to those we teach. No greater spirit can be felt than when testifying that indeed families can be together forever. I know now more than ever that this life is just a time of preparation and a greater opportunity to learn and grow. I will continue to do everything I can to finish my mission as the Lord would expect me to finish! I love you all and am praying continually for yall!

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